Just ignore the old computers screaming in pain.

And some more garbage.

OK, spending all night at the SLC airport was pretty lame. I bought a book and read halfway through it, ate some food, sat around half-asleep for most of the night. Finally got onto the next flight at 10am, with a stop in Boise on the way. Finally land in Portland, get out of the terminal, hop in the car, and close the door. *CRUNCH* Hmm, the door didn’t close. What’s in the way? I look down, and there’s my iPhone on the ground next to the car.

iPhone with cracked screen

Yep, the glass is nearly completely shattered. The LCD and digitizer still work, if you don’t mind slicing your fingers up in the process. I’m trying to figure out a way to keep from killing myself while using it until I get around to calling a few places to see what it will cost to repair. Looks like the glass/digitizer/LCD assembly runs about $250. You would think they could just replace the glass front if nothing else was damaged.

One thing is for certain, though. The rubber case from speck that I’ve been using is going in the garbage. The rubber case kept it from getting scuffed up, but the belt clip part really sucks. The phone is held in by a small shelf that sticks out under the bottom(blocking the dock connecter), and is held in place by two small rubber knobs that fit into slots on the clip. I guess the rubber knobs are wearing down? It just doesn’t hold it in place anymore.

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