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And some luck, for a change.

And some luck, for a change.
So I finally went in to one of the local Apple stores(Washington Square to be specific) and talked to someone at the Genius Bar. Showed them the busted iPhone, he took it in the back for a while. He comes back out, goes back again, comes back again a few times… And finally hands me a brand new iPhone. Sitting around for a few minutes wh [...]

And some more garbage.

And some more garbage.
OK, spending all night at the SLC airport was pretty lame. I bought a book and read halfway through it, ate some food, sat around half-asleep for most of the night. Finally got onto the next flight at 10am, with a stop in Boise on the way. Finally land in Portland, get out of the terminal, hop in the car, and close the door. *CRUNCH* Hmm, the [...]

Oh Noes! Airports suck

Oh Noes! Airports suck
Wow, why am I doing this. I never wanted to fly a commercial airline. But facing an 18 hour bus ride, it seemed to make sense. Stripped of my usual gear that the TSA is afraid of, I enter the Salt Lake City airport and head for the gate. Just my luck, it took longer to get here than I expected. I get to gate B16, at the end of the concourse o [...]
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