Just ignore the old computers screaming in pain.


I got an iPhone! The 8GB model. I can’t believe I spent $600 on a phone. Goodbye, Verizon. Goodbye, Treo 650. I arrived at the Washington Square Mall Apple Store at 6:50am Friday morning. I was number 20 in line. Steve had arrived a bit earlier and was further up in line. The person at the front of the line had arrived at 10:30pm the previous night!

The iPhone was released at 6pm. I arrived just before 7pm. That’s a long time to sit around doing nothing! Especially since I had left the headphones for my iPod at home, and the mall wouldn’t let us plug our laptops in(tripping hazard). My MacBook Pro died after about 3 hours of use. Steve had managed to arrange delivery of a fresh battery after several hours, so he was online all day.

We were in the first group let into the store at 6pm, and being in a hurry that turned into a mess later, I was back out pretty fast with my iPhone. At 6:09pm I was pulling out of the mall parking lot.

After I got home I plugged in the iPhone and started the activation process. I recieved an email telling me that my Verizon service would be terminated within 24 hours, and that the activation process was pretty much dead in the water until the number was ported over. That would have been around 6:58pm, at 12:13am I recieved an email stating that the phone was activated, and a half hour later another notification that the number porting was complete and my iPhone could now send and receive calls. I haven’t been able to put the thing down since.

This is simply the best phone I have ever had. In typical Apple fashion, the user interface is simply amazing. Everything is easy. Well, except maybe figuring out how to share my EVDO connection over wifi from the laptop. EDGE data can be a bit slow. The pinching in/out to zoom is incredible. Flicking to scroll is addictive. I find myself cursing at my MacBook Pro for not behaving the same way with its trackpad.

So, when does the next version with 3G and GPS come out?

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